getting the most for your items

We pay 30% - 60% for the items we take in. We will pay up to 70% for cloth diapers that are gently used based on age and diaper condition. 

We accept items on a first-come, first-served basis. During busy drop off times, please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your order.    


Must be laundered, free of odors, stains, tears, and fading. Items must contain all buttons, snaps,  and zippers.   


Must be clean, minimal wear, and contain all laces and/or ties intact.  


Must be clean, in working order, contain all working parts and batteries if applicable.  


Must be in original box/case, no scratches.


Must be clean, contain all pieces/parts, include working batteries where applicable and instructions.  


Must be clean, include all parts, working batteries if applicable, needs to be 5 years or newer. Must meet current standards.   

We have three payout options that are good for up to one full year:

  1. For all items under $20, we offer a cash payout
  2.  For all items over $20, we offer a check payout 
  3. If you choose to receive store credit, we'll offer you a little extra as an added incentive

**Items not accepted for resale should be picked up within 48 hours. If items are left for more than 48 hours, they will become property of Round 2 Kids and will be donated to a local center.**

Have some pre-love items that you're thinking about bringing in for cash or store credit? Think about these top 9 considerations to get a better idea of how we make our selections:

drop-off checklist

To get the most for your drop-offs, consider the following to help us provide quality items:

  1. Are my items in bins, laundry baskets or boxes?   

  2. Are my items laundered and free of staining?      

  3. Are my items gently used and able  to be loved again by another child  or family?       

  4. Are my clothing items clearly labeled with size and brand?    

  5. Are items nicely folded and outfits matched?      

  6. The items we take depends on store inventory, availability, and demand.   

  7. If we purchase your items, you will be given the option of cash or a little extra in store credit.      

  8. We give a little extra incentive for store credit because repeat customers mean the world to us.  

  9. If we don't purchase your items, you will be given the opportunity to donate them to a local charity to be re-loved.

return policy


We will be happy to accept returns within 7 days of purchase with original Round 2 Kids tags and sales receipt. You may purchase another item or receive store credit for a future purchase. 


If you have any other questions about our return policy, please call us at 330-400-4088.